Children's Health

improving health and living prevention

There is a deep and growing concern in the area of children's nutrition. During this formative time children's development is shaped both nutritionally and biochemically. Habits are formed, taste buds are conditioned by what they see and ingest each day. Their image of themselves is formed and their self esteem is established.

There is presently an epidemic in the child population like never before of type II diabetes, obesity ADD, ADHD, Autusim, inflamatory illnesses like asthma, and other auto-immune diseases. Families are in crisis and many children are addicted to junk food, highly processed foods, sugar, white flour, foods with hydrogenated and trans fats, and deep fried fast food. Their health is greatly at risk. Young children are growing up on these foods and many never develop a connection with wholesome food. They become young adults still eating only processed junk food.

These illnesses that are epidemic, are greatly preventable through improved and positive nutrition. There needs to be supportive education for parents, children, school administrators, teachers and coaches, and doctors... all who are influencing children's health both directly and indirectly. Improving children's health is possible and can be fun and inspiring. It is a family challenge and needs to be supported and embraced. Dr. Friedman meets with families in this situation and assists in the process of everyone improving their nutrition together. It is never too late to start improving health and living a prevention lifestyle.