Addiction Therapy

we all have something to heal

Dr. Friedmanís approach to Healing Addiction involves working through the underlying confusion, pain and emptiness that contribute to an addictive process. The goal is to reconnect to our real selves; transforming and empowering to create a meaningful recovery. As we heal, we move towards greater wellness, inner peace, serenity, self-esteem, and positive action. This process also focuses deeply on repairing our relationships with ourself and others. Addiction is an emotional, psychological, and biochemical inbalance and Dr. Friedmanís integrated approach addresses the complicated interplay of all these factors.

Healing Co-dependency requires us to learn how to set healthy boundaries. We become empowered to define who we are and to stand up for ourselves in our freedom to choose our way towards a healthier life, even if those around us do not agree or approve of our decisions. Instead of repeating self-destructive behaviors, we learn to take positive action that leads to self respect and self honor.